1869 Scot engineer James Watt invents "The Steam Engine". 1872 Disasters caused by steam boilers, the need for inspection and establishment of TÜV Austria with the short name "DUVG", in Vienna. 1905 The year that marks the start of meeting the need for inspection of elevators and hoist systems. 1910 DUVG becomes Europe's leading testing company with 1500 technicians. 1940 Transformation of DUVG into "Technischer Überwachungs Verein Wien (TÜV Wien)" as a public corporation. 1945 TÜV Wien becomes an association under Austrian law and starts inspection activities with 32 employees. 1955 Creation of departments "Lifts", "Cranes and Hoists", "Electrical Engineering", "Steam and Pressure Systems" and "Materials Testing" 1989 Foundation of TÜV Austria Akademie, company's own training institute. 1992 TÜV Wien's transformation into TÜV Austria. 1994 First international experience with TÜV Austria Hellas. 1998 Acquisition of "TPA KKS GmbH"; TÜV Austria develops in the area of "Non-Destructive Tests". 2006 TÜV Austria Turk is founded in Turkey and begins it activity. 2008 The increasing importance of information security in the world and the establishment of TÜV Trust IT. 2012 "TÜV Austria Science Awards": Supporting those who have succeeded in producing technical innovations at the academic or company level. 2017 TÜV Austria directs its knowledge to Azerbaijan with the establishment of TÜV Austria Azerbaijan.

We bring safety, quality, innovation, environmental protection and business interests to a common denominator. From industrial enterprises, commercial and craft businesses, health care and local authorities to scientific and research institutions.

More than 2000 employees in over 40 countries are working for our customers and partners worldwide. Since 1872, having a history over 140 years and international experience for more than 30 years, we provide tailor-made services for our valuable clients in a wide variety of areas:

Competence, diversity, international orientation and tradition form the basis of the service portfolio for integrated safety, quality, environmental and technical resource management. TÜV AUSTRIA creates safety and added value with all its activities. For our customers and partners, for our employees.

Documents produced by TÜV AUSTRIA are recognised throughout the European Economic Area and beyond in many countries of the world. This provides a high degree of legal security and acceptance in the economy, with authorities and in the public.

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140 +YEARS
2.000 +WORKERS


  • Autonomy and neutrality are our principles when serving for safety.
  • We are committed to providing all our services in an ethical and socially and environmentally responsible manner.
  • Our mission is to create sustainable development in the areas of safety and quality.
  • TÜV Austria Group is an independent company and transfers all its profits as an investment in the company.

As a final word, you can make sure of these three arguments when "TÜV Austria Services" are phrased:

  • NO! External shareholders...
  • NO! Borrowed capital...
  • NO! Paid dividents...


TÜV Austria Azerbaijan is the Baku branch of "TÜV Austria Group of Companies" and was registered in Azerbaijan on September 22, 2017.

The company organizes internationally recognized certified training programs in Azerbaijan in numerous fields such as:


We present you with TÜV Austria quality served by our experienced and competent staff.

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